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J R Soc Med. 2004 September; 97(9): 452–453.
PMCID: PMC1079598

Gynaeoncology Palliative Care Consultations

Reviewed by J Richard Smith

Editors: Sarah Booth and Eduardo Bruera
176 pp Price £19.95 ISBN 0-19-852806-X (p/b)
Oxford: Oxford University Press.

On seeing the word 'consultations' in the title I was gloomily expecting a series of case scenarios. The book is in fact much better than this. The first three chapters deal with advanced cancer of the cervix, ovary and endometrium (surprisingly there is no fourth chapter on vulval cancer). The remaining nine address specific complications such as pelvic pain, malodorous discharges and fistulae, and each provides an excellent resource for anybody who deals with advanced gynaecological cancer. I particularly liked the chapter on odours and discharges. Smell is a very powerful sense and one we are socially precluded from discussing; yet bad smells are among the most debilitating and devastating troubles for patients. The authors discuss the wide range of causes and offer numerous excellent suggestions for management. My only slight criticism is that they say nothing about the use of interventional radiology/nephrostomies to redirect urine and thus obviate odour in a terminally ill woman. In summary, having picked up the book with low expectations I discovered a helpful text to which I shall be referring many times in the future.

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