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Published online 2005 March 30. doi: 10.1093/nar/gki324

Algorithm 1

Mirrored Tree Search, MTS (n,m,p)

1: Build RBT T1 and mirrored RBT T2 for the inverted file using n-mer
2: for each gene gi in the genome do
3:    Take a subsequence di in gi
4:    for each n-mer sji in dido
5:        Get R1, the p − 1 leading range of sji from T1
6:        Get R2, the nmp + 1 leading range of sji¯ from T2
7:        Find Cji=R1R2
8:    end for
9:    Calculate off-target error Ei for gi using Ci=jCji
10: end for
11: Calculate average off-target error for the genome