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PMC Journal List CSV File.

Download the journal list as comma-separated-values file containing the fields:

  • Journal title
  • NLM TA
  • pISSN
  • eISSN
  • Publisher
  • LocatorPlus ID
  • Latest issue
  • Earliest volume
  • Free access
  • Open access indicator
  • Participation level
  • Deposit status

Note: The CSV file does not contain any Special Collection files. See the documentation (PDF file) for further description of the data in the CSV file.

The CSV file was last updated on April 20, 2014.


TAB = Letter tabs: include all current and former full participation and NIH Portfolio journals.

Search: retrieves a list of all articles available in PMC from this journal, regardless of the journal's current participation level. It will include manuscripts, if there are any in PMC. From the search results page, you may then search for something more specific within the journal.

ISSN: retrieves the Entrez Journals Database record for the journal.

Title: links to a list of all issues of the journal in PMC, or all articles for NIH Portfolio journals. A volume and year after the title indicate the earliest volume in PMC under a predecessor title. Grey entries are no longer active participants in PMC or have moved to a selective deposit only model (see the Special Collections tab).

Latest Volume: shows the most recent issue that has at least one full-text article available in PMC and, for full participation titles, links to that issue. Issue ToCs will display all articles in the issue, even those that are under embargo, as long as at least one article is available from that issue.

Free Access: says how soon after publication the journal's articles are made freely available. some or all openaccess content means that all or some of the articles in the journal are available under a Creative Commons or similar distribution license. See PMC Open Access Subset for more information.

Participation Level: indicates the type and level of participation in PMC. 'Full' participation means the journal deposits all articles from each issue. 'NIH Portfolio' journals deposit at least all NIH funded articles, but may not include all of the journal's articles. A 'No longer depositing' journal is not adding new material to PMC, but the material that it deposited previously is still available. 'Now Select only' titles were full participation or NIH Portfolio that have moved to a selective deposit model. (See Special Collections tab.) More information on participation models can be found on the PMC Participation Agreements page.

Last updated: April 20, 2014