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Am J Prev Med. 2007 May; 32(5 Suppl): S97–103.
doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2007.01.019

Table 1

Health system goals as a function of level of user

Health system goals
Patients■High quality care free of complication■Evidence-based standards of care■Ongoing support for life goals, values■Reliable service when needed
Physicians■Systems’ protections against error■Knowledge management for best practice■Support for tracking, personalization■Work flow engineered for proactive care
Family, friends■Caregivers help monitor for risk■Access to effective support tools■Support roles for caregivers clear, defined■System responsiveness for caregivers
Microsystems of care■Team delivery reduces error■Consistent application of guidelines■Team awareness of patient needs■Enhanced coordination
Community■Monitoring for quality assurance■Research-tested community intervention■Identifying and meeting local needs■Efficiency through partnering
Organizations for care(hospitals, HMO’s, etc.),■Safety as a system property■Data based management■Interoperable systems for patient support■Continuous quality improvement
Public health environment■Surveillance, preparedness■Informatics support for public health■Equitable protections for health■Infrastructures for rapid response
Healthcare context■Culture of safety■Policy informed by evidence■National standards for transportability■Efficient delivery & reimbursement of care